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We preserve stories for all time in the creation of beautiful monuments

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Monuments and Headstones

We understand the importance of family, and we work to create unique memorials that are not only pleasing to the eye but that lovingly tell stories in stone. A properly designed monument or grave marker reflects something of the life, the personality and the contributions of the person for whom it was built. In our eyes, every person who has lived has value and deserves to be remembered with a beautiful monument.



We believe a monument should be an everlasting tribute to a loved one’s life. It should reflect something of a person’s beliefs, values and personality. We take great pride in creating beautiful monuments that tell stories in stone.


There are numerous good reasons for pre-planning a monument purchase. Making memorial choices ahead of time, often as part of the estate planning process, can greatly ease burdens and allow for cost savings. 



Evans Monument Company can deliver and install monuments all over the country. We personally install all of our own monuments locally with our own equipment. 

Custom Designs



From standard to custom, Evans Monuments can create any size to meet your cemetery’s requirements.


Vertical & Estate

Elegant designs for individual or family plots.


Lasting mausoleums created from granite and marble quarries across the world.

Civic Memorials

Distinguished memorials to display a lifetime of achievements.

Lettering, Cleaning, & Repairs

We offer monument cleaning and repair services. If a monument was damaged due to a storm or accident, we can repair it! Even if it has a large crack or a piece has broken off (please keep any broken pieces, we may be able to reattach them). If a monument is damaged while in the cemetery, due to human error, it may be covered by the cemetery’s insurance policy.

Entrust Your Lasting Tribute of a Loved One to the Best Monument Designs in Louisville

Are you searching for custom headstones or monument designs in Louisville?  Evans Monument Company has you covered.  We provide a new standard of quality in custom engraved headstones and memorial stones to properly remember the legacy of your loved ones.

We source the best materials, highlighted by our cutting-edge engraving process, to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality custom headstones and memorial markers. We stand behind our products with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

From traditional grave markers to outdoor memorial benches, outdoor family memorials are beautiful ways to honor a loved one in a natural and peaceful setting. Evans Monument Company in Louisville offers various tombstone designs and cemetery monuments to suit any taste and fit any budget.

We know how meaningful it is to memorialize family members. That’s why our talented and skilled laser engravers create wonderful headstone designs and cemetery monument designs that capture families’ wishes. Our industry-standard engraving technology, combined with the finest granite stones, allows us to deliver exquisite and durable memorial markers.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we proudly supply customized memorial headstones with passionate attention to detail. We aim to create the perfect headstone designs that will honor your loved ones forever.

We are proud to be one of Louisville’s leading monument companies that offers beautiful headstones at reasonable prices. We believe that a memorial should last a lifetime. Contact us by e-mail or by telephone at (502) 458-1400.

Featured Projects

Monument - Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

“We preserve stories for all time in the creation of beautiful monuments. For Anna Nicole Smith, we crafted a gorgeous monument for a beautiful lady and her son. It tells the story of an extraordinary life, of timeless beauty and of their devotion to those whom they loved.

We were honored to have been selected to do this work.

“I was honored to do business with an honest company from my hometown. They handled the project with sensitivity and compassion, overcoming many obstacles to deliver a truly beautiful stone on time.”
– Larry Birkhead

The Anna Nicole Smith monument is made from black granite quarried in Asia. It measured 6 feet in length, 5 feet in width and 8 inches in thickness. Its total weight was just over 2 tons. Because of the weight it was necessary to ship it to the cemetery in the Bahamas by boat rather than by plane. The design of the monument was built around the beautifully detailed laser etchings of Miss Smith and her son, Daniel. The corner designs, the etchings and the touching words combined to create a beautiful monument for a beautiful lady.

Monument - Price Cross

Price Cross

This intricately carved monument, featuring a lion and shield commemorates the life of a young Marine officer. It speaks of his strength, courage, faith, and devotion to family and country. He had a wonderful probing mind. He thought deeply about matters of both the world and of his relationship with God. Many of his thoughts were expressed in his touching poetic writing. This unique monument has preserved his memory for the generations of his family that are to come.

Monument - Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor

The tragic death of Breonna Taylor touched the hearts and souls of people throughout the entire country. This monument preserves her memory and memorializes the effort to achieve racial equality. The Evans staff incorporated into the design of the monument the phrase, “Say her name”. These words are often repeated by her admirers to remind people of the enormous sacrifice she made.

Monument - Bailey Harris

Bailey Harris

Bailey Harris was a beautiful and caring young woman. She had dozens of close friends and was described as being “truly an angel here on earth”. Her monument was made from black granite quarried in India. Because of her affinity for butterflies, the top of her monument was constructed in the shape of a butterfly, complete with bright and vivid colors. The result was a stunning monument to match her bright outgoing personality and her wholesome beauty.

Five easy steps to buy a monument by phone and online

Call us or email a description of what you have in mind.
We email you color drawings showing the options available in your cemetery.
You react to the drawings and based on your feedback, we revise as necessary.
By email, we complete the necessary paperwork and provide convenient payment options.
The monument is manufactured, shipped to us, and we do the installation in your cemetery.

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