Cremation and Funeral Plans

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Emmett A. “Tony” Ratterman, Jr, Licensed Funeral Director

We offer your family dignified cremation care at a pleasingly affordable price.

Basic Cremation Care          $1095.00

Includes body bathing, shampoo and light cosmetics for loved one’s identification by family member or family representative.  The staff at J.B. Ratterman & Sons Funeral Home*, will provide professional care and welcome facilities for identification purposes.   Loved one’s body will be dressed in a hospital gown and placed on a hospital cot for identification and transferred to a Basic Alternative Container for cremation.  Ashes will be placed in Standard Crematory Plastic Box for presentation to family.

If autopsy of the body is required, additional professional care will be necessary (sewing, stitches, tissue treatment etc.)..$150

Standard Cremation Care with Family Gathering          $1395.00

Includes Evans Basic Cremation with the following additions:  Coverlet Cremation Container with full pillow, Carved Top Wooden Urn, use of traditional funeral parlor at J.B. Ratterman & Sons Funeral Home* for private family gathering, prayers and comfort.  Additional professional care for loved one’s appearance.

Identification and Family Gatherings are scheduled Monday thru Friday 9am to 3pm.  If an autopsy of the body is required, embalming ($390) is also necessary for hosting a Private Family Gathering.

Private Church or Home Final Farewell          $2495.00

Includes preparation of loved ones body (embalming) for up to two hours of special family time at family’s church or home or at J.B. Ratterman & Sons Funeral Home*.  Coverlet cremation container with crepe interior and crematory fee are also included.  Church honorarium not included. A cremation casket may be purchased in lieu of Coverlet cremation container. Cremation caskets start at $350.

Traditional Funeral Ceremony           $3495.00

Includes preparation of loved one’s body (embalming) for  family and friends daytime visitation at family’s church, or home, or at a J.B. Ratterman & Sons Funeral Home followed by funeral ceremony. Visitors register, memorial folders, acknowledgement cards, casket transportation via funeral home van,  as well as  and crematory fee are also included.  Cremation caskets start at $350.

Celebration of Life…Our Honor.

We are pleased to recommend Louisville’s Churches or Family Owned Funeral Homes for Celebration of Life Memorial Visitations and Funeral Ceremonies. At life’s most difficult time, only love shared by family and friends sows the seeds of healing.


Kentucky Law requires the individual’s remains to be identified before cremation can take place.  The individual making the identification can be the authorizing agent(s), a family member, friend, coroner, or any other person, who has personal knowledge of the decedent or the ability to make positive identification and who accepts any liability arising from such identification.

*4832 Cane Run Road or 2114 W. Market Street