Estate Monument

Estate cemetery monuments are custom, larger designs used for a family or large plot.

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mausoleums and estate cemetery monuments

Bench Monuments

Our granite memorial benches are elegant, unique, and truly tell the family’s story in stone.

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granite bench monuments

Custom Monument Designs

Designing a monument is an art form and something we take great pride in.

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custom headstone designs

Vertical Monuments

Our vertical monuments are also usually a larger, more elegant design. We can custom design a shape for you or your family.

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vertical grave monuments /></p>
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Anna Nicole Smith Monument

For Anna Nicole Smith, we crafted a gorgeous monument for a beautiful lady and her son.

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anna nicole smith headstone

Evans Monument Company

Cemetery Monuments & Granite Memorial Headstones

For many years, our family has designed and built granite headstones, monuments, and mausoleums in cemeteries across the country. The design work is done locally in our offices in Louisville, Kentucky. The finished cemetery monuments are then shipped to their destinations throughout the country.

We understand the importance of family, and we work to create unique memorials that are not only pleasing to the eye but that lovingly tell stories in stone. A properly designed monument or grave marker reflects something of the life, the personality and the contributions of the person for whom it was built. In our eyes, every person who has lived has value and deserves to be remembered with a beautiful monument.

Whether a monument is destined for a local cemetery or if it is being shipped two thousand miles away, it receives the same attention as a memorial headstone would receive if it were being built for a member of our own family.

If you live in the local Louisville area, we invite you to stop by our office at 3204 Bardstown Road at the Watterson Expressway.

If you live outside the local area, you may contact us by e-mail or by telephone, toll-free, at (866) 458-1434.